A Mother's Day Blessing

As the family of God, on this Mother’s Day, we want to honor and encourage the stewardship of mothering. We acknowledge that the celebration of this day can be joyful for some and painful for others. But whatever your gains or losses have been regarding your mothering, we are confident that, today, the Lord is ready and willing to pour out His grace for healing, encouragement, and affirmation on all our ladies here today, young and old.

Let’s first acknowledge that God Himself designed the gift of motherhood. He sent His own Son into this world, born of a woman, knowing that for this child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual development he would need an earthly mother. Even from this example alone, we see how deeply Father God values a mother.

We would like to pray a mother’s blessing over every lady reading this today. Whether you have physically borne children or not, we want to honor your mothering heart and want to bless you as you mother those God brings into your life that need your mothering touch. We also want to include our single women, our young girls, and even our baby girls who will grow up to be mothers someday.

Father God, thank you for creating your daughters to possess the heart of a mother and for giving them the ability to nurture life and to care for those you put in their path that need their mothering touch. Will you bless them to be fruitful and prosperous in all the ways that they mother? Will you give them wisdom and grace as they extend their mothering touch to others? For those who have experienced loss and hope deferred, will you bring them healing and encouragement? For those who are waiting and watching for your promises to be fulfilled give them peace and perseverance. And for our young who will be mothers someday, lead them in the way of righteousness and keep their hearts tender and teachable. Lord, we need godly mothers to raise the generations to come and to bring healing to the orphan’s cry. We thank you, God, that you watch over your word to perform it and that you will do exceedingly abundantly beyond all we can ask or think. So we ask for these blessings in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

This blessing is an excerpt from Karen Ellison’s book Healing the Hurt that Won’t Heal.